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The Best Platonic Friends from Nerdy TV

I think it’s a generational thing: My generation, those born in the 80’s and those who came after, are lucky to live in a world where gender doesn’t define our relationships. We’re allowed to be friends with members of the … Continue reading

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Top Five Biggest Man Crushes

After my last post, which I claim as the most important thing I’ve ever written, this one feels kind of silly. But there’s really no following it up anyways, so let’s go ahead and go full out. I self identify … Continue reading

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The Five Worst Choices to Play the Next Doctor

Matt Smith has been divisive as The Doctor. Some consider him too whimsical or manic, while others praise his performance but criticize Moffat’s story-arcs and character writing. Some (myself included) find Smith’s performance to find a wonderful line between the … Continue reading

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My First Comicon

I’m still wearing the bracelet pass–I don’t have it in me to take it off. I’ll have to before I go to work tomorrow, but I’m unwilling to accept being back in the real world just yet. It’s strange: I’ve … Continue reading

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5 Most Hopeful Episodes of Nerdy TV

Sometimes we need these. I’ve entered an odd time in my life. I’ve always considered myself optimistic, hopeful, positive. Recent events have tried those aspects. Political seasons generally do, but it’s more than that; Financial, career, relationship, and family stress … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Series Seven

So Doctor Who, Season (series) 7 has begun! Finally! Spoilers abound! Geronimo!

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