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The Winter Hiatus Has Ended

Having a birthday in the middle of December strengthens the relevance of the new year for me. December 17th is the beginning of the holidays for me, a week from Christmas, which is a week from new years. Two weeks … Continue reading

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When I examine my life, the aspect I’m always the most grateful for is my friends and community. Despite my debilitating nerdiness, I’ve always managed to have fantastic, varied social groups. I’ve been blessed with a certain amount of extroversion … Continue reading

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5 Most Hopeful Episodes of Nerdy TV

Sometimes we need these. I’ve entered an odd time in my life. I’ve always considered myself optimistic, hopeful, positive. Recent events have tried those aspects. Political seasons generally do, but it’s more than that; Financial, career, relationship, and family stress … Continue reading

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Happy Place

Well, it’s election season, and I’m home alone recovering from oral surgery. You know what that means: messing around with Electoral Maps on CNN’s website until I go crazy with stress over things I have no way to control. Luckily, … Continue reading

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