When I examine my life, the aspect I’m always the most grateful for is my friends and community. Despite my debilitating nerdiness, I’ve always managed to have fantastic, varied social groups. I’ve been blessed with a certain amount of extroversion and social capability, and I pride myself on my awareness of social issues, especially sex and gender issues.

All of this is thanks to my early and continued exposure to the theatre. When I was a child in an arts magnet school, my favorite class was Drama. Drama in high-school introduced me to a world of new people, many of which I’m still friends with today. Majoring in Theatre Arts in college awarded me with some of the richest social experiences of my life, something I prize more than any other sort of experience.

While I loved theatre, there was nothing I ever loved as much as musical theatre. I had a chorus role in high-school in Grease, and played Linus in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown when I was a senior. I was completely obsessed with Rent, and was lucky enough to audition for it in college, though the production was shut down before anyone was cast. Reefer Madness is one of my favorite comedic films, and I don’t even like weed at all.

So when a fantastic show has a musical episode, it’s like my whole artistic world coming together. Luckily, some of my favorite shows have fantastic musical episodes.

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Top Five Biggest Man Crushes

After my last post, which I claim as the most important thing I’ve ever written, this one feels kind of silly. But there’s really no following it up anyways, so let’s go ahead and go full out.

I self identify as a heterosexual cis male. I like ladies. Quite a bit actually. Sometimes too much. I am not, for whatever reason I cannot determine, attracted to males sexually or romantically. Which is too bad, would that I could expand my horizons in that direction. But that does not excuse me from having the occasional proverbial “man-crush”.

Urban Dictionary defines the man-crush as “When a straight man has a ‘crush’ on another man, not sexual, but kind of idolizing him”, which I feel is reductionist. A man crush is more than just idolization, or else we would just call it so. It’s something more complicated. A man-crush contains that same sort of awkward giddiness that a real crush does, but lacks any semblance of actual desire. It’s not about wanting to be like that person (though it may contain that), but more wanting to look at that person’s pretty, pretty face. It’s also about being attracted to the particular personality. The Man Crush could even be a latent attraction that is repressed by our culture which is  heteronormative and homophobic while somehow fetishizing “sapphic” expression. But I just like to think of it as, “Okay, for whatever reason, I don’t like guys. But if I did, I would really, really like these guys.”

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Top Ten Most Asskicking Women in Genre Fiction

Top Ten Most Asskicking Women of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Last time, I wrote a post on the strongest women in sci-fi and fantasy TV who didn’t kick ass. I felt it was important, and I still do: too often we equate violence with strength, especially with our pop culture heroes, and especially with our scifi and fantasy heroes. To most, sci-fi and fantasy means action, especially in the realm of television, which I focus on. There are plenty of lists of kickass women in genre fiction out there already, and I felt that another would be thoroughly redundant.

Lately, though, I’ve been inspired, and decided to bring my unique and, let’s face it, expert perspective on the matter to the blogosphere (are we still using that term?).

So hold on, fuckers: these are the toughest, most ass kicking women in scifi, action, fantasy, and elsewhere.

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Best Fathers from Nerdy TV

It’s Father’s Day at the time I write this, and it’s an appropriate subject: if not for my father, neither one of my blogs would exist (I mean besides the fact that I would not exist). My dad is responsible for turning me on to both science/fantasy fiction and the world of libations. I owe a great deal of my literacy to my father–He had me reading Lieber, Alexander, LeGuin, and Heinlein at a young age. He introduced me to Arthurian mythology, sword and sorcery, and, most importantly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also is to blame for my fascination with craft drinks–he made me my first negroni, introduced me to my mentor in wine, and taught me about South-East Asian Cuisine. So much of what I love in this world now is due to OMF.


Three Generations of Frane Men

So, Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Much love. It’s your fault I’m a nerd with a wine habit.

In honor of this day, I give you the best dads in nerdy TV. Interestingly, they are all single fathers; apparently Hollywood doesn’t like to present awesome dads that are still married. Though I have yet to see Modern Family–I bet that dad would make the list.

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The Five Worst Choices to Play the Next Doctor

black-spot-5Matt Smith has been divisive as The Doctor. Some consider him too whimsical or manic, while others praise his performance but criticize Moffat’s story-arcs and character writing. Some (myself included) find Smith’s performance to find a wonderful line between the grumpy old-man and the childlike mad-man-in-a-blue-box. I was immediately won over by Smith: He had me by the end of the 11th Hour, which is still one of my all time favorite episodes.

But all good (or bad, depending on your opinion) things must end: It was announced the other day that Matt Smith would be leaving Doctor Who, making room for the 12th actor to portray the role (kind of). And as we have the outpouring of expression from both camps, those who despair as his departure, and those who celebrate it,  we also have the immediate discussion of who will next play The Doctor.

I’m not going to enumerate all the possible actors who have been suggested to play the Last Timelord, for there are countless suggestions coming in. While I’m not sure who I like yet as the next Doctor, I definitely know who I wouldn’t want flying the TARDIS. Here are the top five possible choices that I think would be terrible ones.

During the list I consulted the highest authority of Doctor Who opinion-having: Brenna, of Nerdy TV Rants

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It’s happening, isn’t it?

Now, a few years back, if you had told me that 2013 would see the return of Arrested Development to TV, I’d have said you were insane. If you told me that later on that year, Joss Whedon would also be returning to TV, this time with a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, starring Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, I would have been infuriated by your cruel humor.

Sometimes the world is just a beautiful place.

It’s happening, isn’t it?

A quick review and my initial feelings:

Arrested Development: I can’t even begin describe how excited, nervous, giddy, and freaked out I am by this show coming back. A TV show really shouldn’t have such a profound effect on me, but oh well.

It’s an unheard of phenomenon, an unfairly cancelled show being revived after nearly a decade off the air, and showing on the internet alone by a DVD rental store. It’s symbolic of the industry as a whole, how consumer demands are shaping the way we create material. The kick-started Veronica Mars movie is similar.

And like I said, it’s a mix of emotions: Nervous that it will be a disappointment, wonder that it’s happening at all, and, mostly extreme excitement. I’ve watched the trailer around fifty times, because it’s these characters I have watched over and over again, and they are saying new words that I have never heard them say before.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: I mean, it’s my favorite TV writer, helming a show that takes place in the Marvel universe, connected with the movie franchises. Like Arrested Development, it’s unprecedented and exciting. And, like AD, it’s burdened with bloated expectations.

Whedon has a thing for Brits and young geniuses, and this time he’s combining that those tropes. While that’s great and all, I’m not enthusiastic about the cast, so far. They look generically young, white, and pretty, with the one exception being young, Asian, and pretty. I get that he wanted an entirely original cast, for whatever reason, and it’s Whedon, so I’ll shelve my trepidations for now.

Now, who is J. August Richards playing? The idea that he’s playing Luke Cage has been pretty much tossed out. His one joke line about carrying a shield makes me think he might be Patriot, or some variation on him. It would tie in the to movies, and make a certain amount of sense. I guess we’ll find out. I’m glad to see Richards back on screen though, in any case.

So a fair bit of nervousness mixed in the with excitement. But come May 26, we’ll know about Arrested Development, and S.H.I.E.L.D. won’t be far behind.

I still can’t believe these programs are actually happening.

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The Most Tragic Couples of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Television

Heart-Broke. One of the most painful feelings we have in this world. Unrequited love, lost love, the ones that got away. Yet, as terrible as it is, we pursue it in literature and entertainment.

And it works pretty well for some.

And it works pretty well for some.


My friend and inspiration, Brenna, has compiled three comprehensive lists on the best, worst, and sexiest couples of sci-fi and fantasy. My favorite way to write a blog post is to craft a companion piece for her work, which spares me the trouble of developing my own ideas. My maudlin, pained aesthetic demands I respond to her lists with my own: The most tragic Sci-Fi TV relationships. Because we seek out the heartbreak.

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