Other People’s Blogs

I read a lot of other blogs, especially nerdy ones. Here’s the ones that are relevant to this site:

Nerdy TV Rants
“This is what happens when you watch TV sober.”Brilliant writing about a variety of genre shows by a writer who has been published on Cracked, amongst other blogs. She also happens to be a personal friend, editor, and collaborator.

io9.com and Jezebel
io9 and Jezebel are both part of the Gawker network; io9 is one of the most informative and progressive nerd blogs out there, with writers generally very aware of feminist issues within the culture. Jezebel itself tackles clearly feminist and racial issues, as well as sex, fashion, and celebrities.

Erotic Muse
A blog on stripping, feminism, and sex work. Not really nerdy, but a fantastic read for anyone interested in learning more about the industry from someone working within it. She’s also a friend and inspiration.


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