The Winter Hiatus Has Ended

Having a birthday in the middle of December strengthens the relevance of the new year for me. December 17th is the beginning of the holidays for me, a week from Christmas, which is a week from new years. Two weeks to celebrate the end of a year. It is because of this that I chose to put my two weeks notice in at my service job on December 16th. The last two weeks of 2013 were the most difficult, most intoxicated, most trying, and most enjoyable weeks of the year. And, with any luck, they were the last two weeks I will work in the service industry.

It’s remarkable how improved my life is since the end of 2012. 2013 felt like I was pulling myself up, recovering from a fall. Now I’m back in school, and looking at a brighter future, trying to discover what it is I actually want to do be doing.

It’s terrifying.

I’m accruing tens of thousands of dollars in debt in order to pursue… something. I know it’s right, but that doesn’t stop a paralyzing fear from sneaking up on me from time to time (every day), that I’m ruining my life this way. I left work in order to focus on these vague, undefined, elusive goals, but it hasn’t started out great.

My first week of unemployment I did none of the things I had set out to do, but that was fine! It was my first week off in over a year!

My second week of unemployment I worked on no projects other than cleaning my room and some cursory study of French. But it was okay, because it was my first week back in school and I needed to ease in!

My third week of unemployment and all I did was the bare minimum of studying and an excessive amount of streaming Netflix.
I am quickly running out of excuses.

But if network TV has returned from its winter hiatus, then so must I. At the very least, I can validate my profound procrastination by writing about it. So let’s talk about what I’ve been watching while I was supposed to be working.

1. Sleepy Hollow!

Clearly, one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Clearly, one of the signs of the apocalypse.

And it begins delightfully, reminding us how much colder the winter is without its presence, by giving us the scene we’ve all been waiting for: Ichabod Crane finally trying on new clothes. I new what the scene was about before Abby Mills finished her Whedon-esque misdirecting speech about change, and I was so happy.
Sleepy Hollow, never change. You’re still the best genre fiction on TV. And, weirdly enough, still the most racially diverse.

2. Arrow!

Speaking of racially diverse, and the channel which is the least, CW’s Arrow is back on, and in grand form. It’s still a bit of a shock to have super-powered people on the Nolan-esque superhero show, but it makes sense–the show takes place in the DC universe, after all. It worked with the Iron Man franchise, starting off “realistic” and moving into a super-powers, so no reason it can’t work for Arrow. We’ll see how it plays out, but I trust the team.

3. Community!


Its fifth season, with a reinstated Dan Harmond! Honestly, I was shocked when Community made it past season 3. I was shocked when season 5 was announced, even more so to hear that Hardmond would be helming it again. We’re getting ever closer to six seasons and a movie.

How is it? Fantastic. The fourth season was never bad, but it did feel as though it was lacking something. Reframing and recasting a show are tricky goals, and so of course the show addresses these issues head on in its usual post-modern, metafictional way, with “Repilot” being the name of its premiere.

Loving it.

4. Sherlock!


Let’s just have some gifs of Bunderditch Clammybins, instead:

Sherlock-smiles tumblr_inline_mneh9qLbOd1qz4rgpgiphy

5. Dracula!

This show, like Sleepy Hollow, initially looked to be cheesy and awful. However, like SH, it’s embraced its ridiculousness, and is just a delightfully fun and gruesome show. It’s actually one of my favorite retellings of Stoker’s novel, mostly because of its willingness to utterly invert it. Meyers is fantastic as Dracula: he is sympathetic, insane, lustful, romantic, and brutal, often in the course of a few moments. Also, unlike in the original text, he rips off a lot of people’s arms.


It’s cool, guy deserved it.


Shield is back, and Agent Coulson’s secret is revealed!
This show has really outdone itself in terms of disappointments. Only the promise of seeing Lady Sif on the show will get me to watch another episode.

She can't save this show, but maybe she could kick some of the team's ass.

She can’t save this show, but maybe she could kick some of the team’s ass.

Seriously, over it.

7. Parks and Recreation

I realize I’m about 5 years behind on it, but my friends Brenna and Tyler finally convinced me to watch Parks and Recreation, which is available on Netflix, and is directly responsible for a great detail of my procrastination. That show is back, too, and I need to go watch the newest season. It’s so much better than any other sitcom on the air, with the exception of Community. I don’t know if it counts as “nerdy” or not, but Ben does, I think.

I never knew what it meant to ship, really, until Leslie & Ben.

I never knew what it meant to ship, really, until Leslie & Ben.

So: Enough excuses. It’s a new year, for me and the rest of you. Let’s get to work.

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  1. bkcrotty says:

    Don’t get to work! I have Sherlock!

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