Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. “FZZT”


Well, someone in charge of Agents of SHIELD has clearly been reading my blog, because this last episode was the best so far, due mostly to the raise in stakes. Joss Whedon said that the Buffy episode “The Pack” was one of the most important learning experiences for the team. Originally, none of the “scoobies” were taken by the Hyena spirit (man what a goofy season). It wasn’t until they decided Xander should be taken that the show worked. The same logic works here: Infecting Simmons with an alien virus gave the show some much needed drama and characterization. It also thankfully took the attention from Ward and Skye (BORING) and put it on Fitzsimmons (CHARMING AND ADORABLE).

Seriously, I’m starting to really realize that SHIELD’s main failings come from how terrible of characters Ward and Skye are. I love the interactions between May and Coulson (More May, SERIOUSLY), and of course:  LONG LIVE FITZSIMMONS


The best


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