Top 5 Neil Patrick Harris Musical Numbers

I wrote a list of Top Five Musical Episodes of Television, and realized I had to develop some stipulations to keep Neil Patrick Harris from dominating the list. Here’s a separate list of NPH’s top five musical numbers, in a very rough order according to my current feelings and recollections without doing too much research:

The Glory

The Glory

5. Prince Gumball: Adventure Time with Fiona & Cake

As much as I love Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, I think the gender-bended episode Fiona & Cake might be my favorite. In it, the princess of the candy kingdom becomes Prince Gumdrop, voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. AT has many musical numbers, and of course they couldn’t have NPH stop by without him singing a song, because to do so would be a crime punishable by forced viewings of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.

What’s best about it is how Harris keeps to the tone of the show’s music: eccentric, subdued, and melodic. He doesn’t go all Broadway star on us, even though he totally could if he wanted to.

4. Girls vs Suits: How I Met Your Mother

What’s a better way to celebrate your 100th episode but with your star of the show, Neil Patrick Harris, bursting into song a dance? Trick question: There isn’t.

My favorite of the number is watching the rest of the cast desperately trying to escape being under NPH’s shadow.

3. Opening Act: Tony Awards

Remember when Seth MacFarlane hosted the Oscars and everyone fought about it on the internet because some people said it was sexist and others used the oldest, laziest excuse ever of, “Jeez, learn how to take a joke.”? Then a few months later Neil Patrick Harris was like, “Here, I got this.” and then proceeded to show us all what actual talent looks like?

That was awesome.

Go make another Family Guy clone, MacFarlane. Leave the singing and dancing to the big boys.

2. Dream On: Glee

While we’re in nostalgia mode, remember when Glee was great? Like, really pushing for what TV was capable of being? Remember when it was so good that even Joss Whedon wanted in on it, and brought his friend Neil to show those assholes how it’s done? That was awesome.

Unfortunately, it’s dangerous to one’s health to watch and listen to Neil Patrick Harris sing “Dream On”. At least, I assume that’s the reason is for not including video on any of the Youtube versions, and not copyright laws. So here, just lay back and imagine NPH dancing circles around Matthew Morrison (and that dude is not easy to upstage!).

1. Man’s Got to Do: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog

This is hard, because every song in Dr. Horrible is amazing. But this one wins for one reason:

To risk blasphemy, the problem with Neil Patricks Harris is that anytime he sings with someone, or dances with them, or acts with them, or stands near them, that person is diminished.* All of their flaws are revealed in the radiant light that is NPH. So in order to avoid this humiliation, they had to find a man that is equally flawless. Thus was born the duo of NPH and Nathan Fillion, lo, we looked upon it and were made whole.

Now this list is incomplete–it doesn’t name every single musical number that NPH has been a part of, but this blog can only handle so much glory. So there you have it: Top 5 Musical Numbers by NPH.

Seriously Seth MacFarlane sucked.

* Except his husband and babies, obviously: neil-patrick-harris-twins

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  1. Sweet! You should check out my Adventure Time interview!

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