Top Five Biggest Man Crushes

After my last post, which I claim as the most important thing I’ve ever written, this one feels kind of silly. But there’s really no following it up anyways, so let’s go ahead and go full out.

I self identify as a heterosexual cis male. I like ladies. Quite a bit actually. Sometimes too much. I am not, for whatever reason I cannot determine, attracted to males sexually or romantically. Which is too bad, would that I could expand my horizons in that direction. But that does not excuse me from having the occasional proverbial “man-crush”.

Urban Dictionary defines the man-crush as “When a straight man has a ‘crush’ on another man, not sexual, but kind of idolizing him”, which I feel is reductionist. A man crush is more than just idolization, or else we would just call it so. It’s something more complicated. A man-crush contains that same sort of awkward giddiness that a real crush does, but lacks any semblance of actual desire. It’s not about wanting to be like that person (though it may contain that), but more wanting to look at that person’s pretty, pretty face. It’s also about being attracted to the particular personality. The Man Crush could even be a latent attraction that is repressed by our culture which is  heteronormative and homophobic while somehow fetishizing “sapphic” expression. But I just like to think of it as, “Okay, for whatever reason, I don’t like guys. But if I did, I would really, really like these guys.”

5. Sherlock Holmes, from Sherlock

Bandersnatch Crumpetbunch.

Bandercoot Crumpetbunch.

He’s brilliant, English, off-putting in a charming, sexy sort of way. He has those great over-coats, scarves, and razor-sharp wit, but what really gets to you is the eyes. Those piercing, piercing eyes. Sure, he’s maybe a sociopath, but he’s a brilliant one, and that just makes his manlove for Watson all the more touching.

4. Rory Williams–Doctor Who


Karen Gillan is one of the sexiest, most Scottish women to ever grace the pale screen of BBC. But when I think about the Ponds, I miss Rory WAY more than I miss Amy. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t serve much of a purpose after season 5 except to be a pregnant plot device? Maybe because her character is inconsistent, and arguably incompetent?

Or maybe it’s just because Rory is the best companion the Doctor ever had, and in the incredibly boring season 7, he picked up some great clothes & boots, fixed his hair, and became the best looking.

3. Ned the Pie-Maker– Pushing Daisies


Lee Pace is the most beautiful man alive. This is not an opinion, this is an objective fact. I watched The Fall before I saw Pushing Daisies, and even then I was thinking, “Woah. That’s a good looking guy. I want to keep watching him say and do things.”

His character on Pushing Daisies is perfect too: reserved and brooding without being maudlin, charming and self-deprecating, just beautifully tragic. He has the greatest curse imaginable: Having the love of Anna Friel but unable to ever touch her.

2. Dean Winchester– Supernatural

Sure, he’s a bit of a man’s man, but that doesn’t stop his legion of fan-girls. Because not only is he a sexy, charming, funny, tough, bad boy, he’s also sensitive.

deancry1 deancry2 dean cry 3 The-Dean-Winchester-Single-Tear-in-When-The-Levee-Breaks-supernatural-20261994-510-260

Woops, that's not right.

Woops, that’s not right.

1. Castiel- Supernatural


I’m not sure when my man crush on Castiel overtook my man-crush on Dean, but it was probably during season five. Something about his badass, unflappable presence, beautiful face, and goofy, charming innocence. Misha Collins has an incredible talent of playing someone so serious and intense while still being funny and undeniably charming.

Also he has a hell of an entrance.

It should be noted that I do not ship Deanstiel. I actually don’t ship anything at all, unless it’s a package from one place to another. No show lends itself to shipping as much as Supernatural does, and the Dean/Castiel relationship is kind of heavy handed at times. But I am not so lost that I ship it. Seriously.

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