Dating Tips for Geeks

I’m not entirely sure what Tycho (Jerry) from Penny Arcade is referring to here, specifically. Perhaps it is not a specific figure, but just an overall trend, as evinced by a quick Google search for “Dating for Geeks”. Apparently it’s a whole new thing. All I know is the quote is something I have been trying to find the exact words for, and Tycho has summed up my feelings on the matter with his usual eloquence:

“It has not been my experience that “women” is an incredibly useful term when it comes to knowing what people are like.  Likewise, “men” hasn’t proved especially stable as a construct!  So when someone purports to have discovered a mystical formula to alchemize these two cosmic forces, you need to understand that they are engaging in a terrible and ancient form of chicanery.  This is not new.  You do not have to incorporate profoundly toxic ideas about masculinity in order to be lovable.”

That’s pretty much the whole post, but the rest, and the comic, can be found here.

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